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Established in 1975 as a fine art gallery, the Ryan Gallery is celebrating itsí 30th anniversary.  Gene Fisher purchased the building, a 1940ís farmhouse, and added a spacious main room to create the upper level of the gallery as it is today.  The gallery was then called Oceanside Gallery and Mr. Fisher successfully operated it for several years.  The gallery was then leased and managed by artist Arlon Gilliland and his wife Phyllis for about 2 years.  About 1984 artist Dale Gehrman purchased and ran the gallery until 1986 when the gallery was again sold, this time to Tom and Susan Ryan.  Susan Ryan had been a successful artist in the gallery and southeast United States for 10 years. Tom was ready to leave the corporate world so owning the gallery seemed like a good idea for both of them.


Among other changes, the Ryans added the deck in the wooded backyard and remodeled the upstairs with new windows.  They successfully ran the business for 18 years, changing the name to Ryan Gallery. Ready to really retire, the Ryans sold the gallery to Steve Hoover and his wife Emily Rogers, their former manager, in 2003.  The name will remain Ryan Gallery, however it will continue to be remodeled, evolve and change.



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